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I am a multidisciplinary artist whose practice has become a primary coping mechanism for me to express complex emotions without fear or judgment. When I am in a difficult and overwhelming mindset, I often respond to this by producing work, by writing or painting, sculpting or taking photographs. My work is an expansive journal of my emotions that I put on display for the world to see and that helps me to recognize and experience these feelings from an outside perspective. Throughout my exploration of this relationship, I have discovered the two are in fact so deeply interlinked that one is indistinguishable from the other. I produce artwork with the sole purpose of connecting with viewers because of my own, personal yearning for connection.


My work is born from my struggles, exists in my studio space, but it only ever truly gets the opportunity to live when it is installed where others can engage with it. Once it has fulfilled its purpose to form a relationship with the viewer and provoke discussion, the work then dies and will never take the same form again. It’s soul however, is my soul and it will be reborn in a different body of work.

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