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This project is driven by notions of power and freedom, reflective of my my own state of mind as I come towards the end of a journey of healing I have undertaken over the past year. Although the body of work primarily focuses on paying homage to progress I have made in my own journey, I also hope it encourages other survivors of abuse to come forward and talk about their own experiences if and when they feel emotionally ready to do so, or at least act as a beacon to remind people that they are not alone.


Over the duration of my Masters degree I have become more aware of the materials I use within my practice and their significance. This awareness really started to develop during my last two projects ‘Melting Me’ and ‘Distressing Fashion’ in which I explored concepts of vulnerability, strength, impermanence and healing within the realms of both sculpture and fashion. From the research I conducted into the symbolism of materials such as wax, as well my research into the influence fashion has had on the objectification of women I chose to combine these materials and processes to develop a wearable piece of Sculpture.

The photographs featured below are part of a collaboration I worked on with Norwich based Photographer Steven Spicer as part of ‘Wings of Healing’, 2022 which feature me modelling the finished work.

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