Hello, my name is Fern and welcome to my website!

Here you will find documentations of my practice as a Contemporary Artist and the work I create as a graduate Fine Art student.

FernHorA Stream of Consciousness, 2020 I
A Stream of Consciousness, 2020

During my three year BA (Hons) undergraduate Fine Art course at the University of Lincoln my practice has developed from more traditional practices such as painting and drawing into predominantly installation work using a range of mediums. My previous works have been created using an exploration of materials such as paper, fabric and paint as well as digital art forms for example video, projection and audio.


Installation work appeals to me as it allows me as an artist to situate the viewer in an environment of my own choosing. My aim when I am in the thought process of planning and creating a piece is to ultimately immerse the viewer and try to provoke a strong sense of emotion that is truly real and impactful. This is always relevant to me no matter the environment I want to create, whether my aim is to overwhelm, isolate or disorientate, as long as the viewer feels immersed, situated in the moment and reacts emotionally to the piece then I personally feel that have done my job as an artist.


I have directed the subject of my last three university modules and my critical report towards raising awareness and creating representations of mental illnesses and mental disorders; these include disorders such as anxiety and depression. These subject matters are not only extremely important but also deeply personal to me. It is at my darkest hour that I feel the most creative flow; my art and the traumas I have experienced are one in the same and I use the scars these traumas have left behind to shape my work.


The Gallery- during this module I worked


Series of three digital images.

Bodies of Practice, 2018
Bodies of Practice, 2018


Acrylic print on double duvet, two pillows and a lamp. 

PUPPET, 2019

Mixed media installation

(Projection, video, audio, textiles and painting).

PUPPET, 2019
Distortions of the Mind, 2019 Image 2

Distortions of the Mind, 2019

Prototype Installation. 

A Stream of Consciousness, 2020 Image 2

A Stream of Consciousness, 2020

Web Art Installation (Video and audio).